About Us

With great pleasure we are inviting you, students as well professors to follow or apply manuscript for III Student’s Congress ‘FOOD-NUTRITION-HEALTH’ which continues with its work this year, after the success of the Second Student’s Congress held last year, 7- 9 July. 

The aim of the Congress is promotion of universal values of community and multidisciplinary approach to food production, food safety, hygienic status and food quality, different diets, as well as health implications, which is of great importance in solving significant issues in this field of life. The multidisciplinary approach to this complex issue represents the current trend of ‘European nation’. 

Congress will be organized by students of faculties of the University of Sarajevo, as follows (in alphabetic order):
- Faculty of Agriculture and Food Sciences
- Faculty of Dentistry with Clinics
- Faculty of Educational Sciences
- Faculty of Health Studies
- Faculty of Pharmacy
- Veterinary Faculty

The Congress sections are:

1. Primary production and processing of food
2. Food additives
3. Food safety and Toxicology
4. Current trends in food analysis
5. Lifecycle nutrition
6. Dietotherapy
7. Organic and traditional food

The Congress will be held on July 5th-7th in Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina.

For more information please refer to the website: www.hranaishranazdravlje.ba

We invite all the interested students from all B&H universities, as well as from Universities from the neighboring countries to join us!

Congress Coordination board